Patricia Bullrich on her possible candidacy for vice president: "I am at the president's disposal"


Nine months before the presidential elections and the rumors that mention Patricia Bullrich as possible companions of Mauricio Macri in the presidential elections, the Minister of Security assured: "I'm available for what he decides and I can not say no, so far I'll comment."

At the same time, she pointed out that she is "surprised that something like this came when no one told me anything" and added: "I am in a place as Minister of Security, where there is a lot to do, a lot and if you want to continue in administration, but the president decides what is best for us to change. "

As published Infobae Recently, Bullrich competes in the formula with Social Development Minister Carolina Stanley.

Both ministers had already difficult meeting on the eve of G20 in front of Marcos Peña and Rogelio Frigerio, in the office of the head of the Cabinet, to resolve issues related to the logistics of the summit regarding the marches of social movements.

In an interview with this medium, Bullrich considered himself "a soldier of President Macri" and assured that she does not mind being called the "iron minister" of the government. She said she was convinced that "the government changed a paradigm on security issues in Argentina" and risked: "The return of Kirchnerism would be a setback in terms of security for the people."


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