Panic: there are already 24 cases of hantavirus | Chronic


The Ministry of Health of Chubut reported another patient with positive hantavirus, with which the cases confirmed by this disease transmitted by the mouse were increased to 24. "colilargo" and that has already caused six deaths in Epuyén, according to official part No. 37 that was released on Tuesday.

"It should be noted that all cases correspond to the Epuyén outbreak, which began in early December so the health alert was declared to activate specific protocols in order to contain the disease" is indicated in the publication of the provincial ministry.

The director of the regional hospital of Comodoro Rivadavia, Myriam Monasterolo, more than 700 km from the epicenter of the outbreak, confirmed that "There is a 20-year-old hospitalized with the symptoms of hantavirus who had contact with an affected person in Epuyén where he apparently has relatives".

While Monasterolo clarified that "Not a confirmed case", explained that the samples were sent to the Malbrán Institute to do the complementary studies.

The associate director of the programmatic health area of ​​the northwestern province mentioned, Jorge ElíasHe reported that he kept "in Esquel a working meeting with the head in charge of the Epidemiology of the Seremi of the Lakes Region, of the Ministry of Health of Chile, José Antonio Vergara, whose main objective was to deepen the cooperation and articulation between the two health portfolios".

It turns out that among the cases "confirmed" The figure is that of a Chilean citizen who had an epidemiological link with the hantavirus outbreak in Epuyén.

Elias, in contact with the local press, recognized that "Due to the information provided by the colleague, the patient is very sick and her condition is reserved, so she was transferred to Santiago de Chile".

For this reason, the health portfolio in Chile recommended that citizens of that country travel to the mountain range.


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