Pampita revealed the reason for his separation with Pico Mnaco: "There are things that


Pampita and Peak Mnaco was one of the most beloved couples in the world. They were together for two years until, in the middle of last year, they had a brief separation. Months later, in December, they decided to give love a second chance, but the result was the same: after 80 days, the romance came to an end.

From the paradisiacal Mexican beaches where he meets his children, Carolina Ardohain revealed the intimate reason for the split in an interview with Caras magazine. We gave each other the best and it did not work, there is not much more to be said. So there are things that are intimate and have to do with a couple's relationship to each other's expectations, he assured.

Sothe beautiful brunette added: There is not much explanation to give, sometimes works and sometimes not. We tried, we put in the best and we could not be. "And he deepened:" We are good, we are single, we owe nothing to anyone, we do not have to hide and we want to try.

We gave ourselves a chance, I said it today when you go out to give the news on my networks. Whenever I speak, I prefer to be in the first person and not speculate, to give the news to myself or the other person. It's the best way, detail the goddess pampa, about why he wanted to share the news on his Twitter account.

Later, they asked him if there was a third in contention. "That will clear up at the time because I do not have to speak for him, but I can guarantee there was none of it." Jams "Juan is a person with many values ​​and never suspects that he did not make me feel like It is not my job to say this because they are inventing it for the, but there is no particular reason, they are our things as a couple that we do not have that explain, but could not be and nothing more. "

Finally, the conductor confess your future plans for loving relationships. I'm not looking for love, these things come when they have to come. I'm fine with myself and when I have to get there, there's no anxiety. Even last year I spent many months single, quiet and focused on other things, close.


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