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Pallares mercilessly with Marley: "driving was a track"


Tuesday, June 11, 2019 08:04

Adrián Pallares, against Marley for his conduction of Martín Fierro.

The 49th installment of the Martín Fierro awards for air television left many cloths to cut, and Ifor conducting the ceremony by Marley It was not without criticism. With brutal brutality, Adrián Pallares described the journalist's work as "a clue".

In addition to the chicane, Pallares justified his statements at the opening of Intrusions without anesthesia: "You can not give three and a half hours driving to a single person, no human being can be alone for three and a half hours. boring, the comment from everyone who was there was that it was tedious. It was not understood, you could see the jetlag above. It was very lead. That's why there are peers. "

Immediately afterwards, Pallares said with great acidity: "There was only one Martín Fierro driver this year and his name is Santiago del Moro.And right, otherwise they would have put a pair, because the truth is that we were going to take a nap because it was soporific ". After listening to him with astonished face, Marcela Tauro crossed to the companion: "Ay, Adrián, what you are saying is ugly."

Pallares defended himself and redoubled his bet: "I'm talking about the television party, what are we going to talk about?" He's a guy who kept asking if the food was delicious, what they ate, whether the dishes had been served, how they were … Write Marley!
And he was angry because they did not reward him. Every two minutes he said he did not get anything, and then they gave him the award for Best Driver. "

In the end, Adrián Pallares concluded by rubbing against Marley and Telefe: "They left him very alone and in half an hour did not know what to say. He also looked tired."



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