Pablo Pérez: "I can not play in a court where I know they can kill me"


"The episode was unfortunate, there were not many people and suddenly 200 people seem to devote themselves to throwing stones, I do not know what happened, it was very strange. After passing the bridge, it was discovered that all the people were accumulated in one place. It was impressive three minutes, "the midfielder told reporters as he left the Otamendi sanatorium, where he had ophthalmological control.

Regarding the attack on the bus, he continued: "A partner was hit and we all went to see what happened. They were constant gusts of glass. He went to the stadium entrance, very close. "

Perez stressed that minutes later, when he was removed from the stadium by an ambulance to be treated at a health center for his injury, the vehicle suffered a new attack:They followed us throwing stones, It's not a minor thing that happened. They wanted to hurt me again by going to the hospital., a shame".

And, he added, "I was in the hospital and the game was about to be played." The coach called to tell me to come back. If it were played, I would be the same because they were forcing me, but I could not"

"I am very sad also for the people of Rio that you have nothing to do and that all of this is being smoked. It is a sadness for them, for those of Boca and for the show. This can not happen any more, "he said.

The player declined to comment on the news that Boca presented to Conmebol to request the disqualification of the River. He commented that since "El Millonario" they called him Ignacio Scocco and Milton Casco, whom he knows by his time in Newell.

"If they take my eyes, no one pays me, how do we go to a court where there is no security?" The people were crazy, "If we turn around in your court, what's wrong? Can I go to court where I know I can die? I can not play in a court where I know they can kill me", asked the captain "Xeneize".

Finally, Pérez was very Conmebol doctor who signed the report where he said he could not check it on Saturday at Monumental.

"The Conmebol doctor never came to see me. He signed a paper saying that I was in shape. It's a shame. I did not see anything, I had to keep my eyes closed because it was tearing. (The doctor) was never in solidarity with us, he had to have an order that he did not have to come see me, "he shot.


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