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The Great Contest of Pokémon GO Creators: A Million Dollar Prize

In Niantic, creators of Pokémon GO, they have a lot of work ahead, since they are preparing a similar game based on the Harry Potter saga. In the same way, the company does not stop updating its star work with new resources, such as the recent incorporation of Heatran as Legendary Pokémon in Attacks.

Niantic has more things in mind, like the new contest that has a million dollars as a prize. Through a statement on its website, the company announced a new contest for developers in which a prize pool of more than one million dollars is at stake. Last June, Niantic demonstrated its commitment to Augmented Reality (AR), a key component of the Niantic Real World Platform.

The company's engineers have shown years of research into many aspects of RA, including real-time Augmented Reality Multiplayer demos like Codename: Neon and Codename: Tonehenge. The technological advances designed to complement Niantic Geospatial Gameslike the Pokémon GO, combining the real world with something new. In the same event, the interest of external developers was asked to build the Niantic Real World platform.

Niantic launches new $ 1 million prize pool

Pokémon GO, developed by Niantic

This platform combines a persistent state mechanism on a global scale, Augmented Reality Multiplayer, high-speed networking and geolocation data, among many other things. All with the goal of creating unique adventures and experiences. The contest search for enthusiastic candidates for the creation of projects that follow the basic principles of Niantic: exploration, exercise and social interaction in the real world.

To form a team, there is a requirement that at least five developers with experience developing Unity and Java Server. The goal is to launch a project that brings together games and other areas, such as physical activity, social activities, travel or shopping. A select group of ten teams will win a cash prize and will have access to the Niantic Real World platform.

The finalists will work for a period of three months, with the purpose of showing his work in a Demo Day in San Francisco organized by Niantic. In addition to the regular guide and discussion of Niantic's engineering team, the finalists will move to the San Francisco Bay Area meet with the executives and lay the groundwork for the work to come. If you are interested in participating, you can fill out your request at this link.

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