One less problem! One of the most anticipated features comes to Instagram


Instagram surprised all its users with a new feature that many were expecting. Learn what this book is about.

Instagram has fallen and the cause is still unknown

Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the most popular applications in the world that has grown the most in recent times. More and more people use this social network to share photos and videos. Now incorporates an update to benefit all your users.

This Facebook-owned platform has created a function that will allow you to create public collections such as Pinterest, where multiple users can contribute.

Previously Instagram allowed to save and organize the user's favorite posts in a private mode. But now this tool becomes public. With this update you can give a new use to the platform. This will prevent content theft, since you can create collections of publications from other users. However, the option to create a public collection at the moment is not available to members of the social network.

In the same way, it can take some time Instagram Start experimenting with the new function publicly. Even during this testing process, this option may be rejected.

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