Sunday , October 24 2021

On Xbox they say they did not show all their games in E3 2019


Fable E3 2019 Atomix

At the conference Xbox There have been 60 games coming soon to the console of Microsoft, but according to the company itself, did not disclose all the games that they have in development, including the next game in the series of Fable.

The head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, commented in an interview with the Eurogamer portal that they have more projects that will be revealed at the time and have implied that they are saving them for E3 2020.

"We've shown 60 games on stage, 14 of which were from Xbox Game Studios. We need to pause and acknowledge the studies that, in less than a year since we got them, are already showing things on our stage. , I'm excited about the things we've been waiting for in the ward, we've got a lot of things that we do not show on the show, stuff that, as you would say, will come online as we go along with it. "

As for a new game of Fable commented

"As I mentioned … a lot of good things are waiting in the ward for next year. I hope to have you back in a year."

It is true that he did not confirm the new Fable, but implies that there will be news about it in the future.

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Via: Eurogamer

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