Nvidia G-SYNC is already compatible with VESA Adaptive-sync


We have more news coming out of this CES 2019. This time the company Nvidia announced that its G-SYNC technology is already compatible with VESA Adaptive-Sync technology. This gives us a list of monitors that already have support and certification.

Nvidia-G-Sync AMD FreeSync

Required and required step by Nvidia for its graphics chips

This step by Nvidia was necessary and virtually mandatory due to the large number of monitors that are currently with VESA technology implemented in its firmware.

O VESA FreeSync Technology is a feature that provides a dynamic refresh rate through the HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces to improve communication between GPUs and AMD monitors. Similarly, proprietary technology Nvidia G-Sync, provides the same functionality to dynamically adapt the refresh rate on compatible monitors from 0 to 240 Hz.

What is going on? Well, as always, that every company always takes home. In this case, Nvidia was the one that took the step and has officially announced that its G-Sync technology will now be compatible with VESA Adaptive-Sync. This is mainly due to the large number of monitors that exist with the VESA technology implemented in its firmware, far exceeding that of Nvidia. In this way, you will not lose users and will avoid serious dizziness when it comes to choosing a specific monitor.

Nvidia-G-Sync AMD FreeSync

In an effort to keep track of followers, the leading high-performance graphics card company will successively, but not immediately, provide the ability to enable G-Sync technology on VESA adaptive-sync monitors. Of course Nvidia does not want to take the wrong steps and the procedure will be to test the models available in the market that adapt well to its technology and give perfect results with adaptive synchronization. For now, we have a large number of models already "certified" with this compatibility, among which are leading brands such as Asus, Fazer, BenQ and Agon.

also, updating its drivers and Nvidia Geforce software, we can manually activate G-Sync on all monitors with Adaptive-Sync that is possible, not yet certified. So if you're one of those who has a high-performance gaming monitor with this VESA technology, you'll soon be able to turn on G-Sync on it and enhance your gaming experience with Nvidia cards.


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