Noelia Pompa, in pure mime with her boyfriend, one year of whitening


Saturday, January 12, 2019 11:26

By the end of 2017, Noelia Pompa (33) gave a note in which she looked radiant, with a smile on her face and bright eyes. The reason? The artist's heart began to pound heavily in the antechamber of a love story that would write more chapters for the present.

"I'm a girlfriend for a while and when I came back to Argentina for a few months, I really thought I would not spend more or did not know how much time I would want, and now, when we come back, we are together then what happens and enjoy a lot "I told Noelia, installed in Spain, in telephone communication with Confrontados.

"He has nothing to do with the environment, he has no idea about the whole exhibition and all the things that I have lived there (for Argentina) and that life is a little different for me here, I am discovering myself in this facet He's a cook, he's a thief. " added the double champion of Dance (won the contest with Hernán Piquín in 2011 and 2012) at the same time, revealing that he was a couple for the first time.

A little over a year of these statements, Noelia Pompa is still very happy with her partner and romantic publications, with accomplices establishments and individual trips to different places on the Instagram, are already common on your wall.

Noelia Pompa, in pure mime with her boyfriend, a year to bleach her relationship: her romantic photos



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