Ninja Stream at the moment an earthquake destroyed the new building of Pitched Floors in Fortnite


The earthquakes happened in Fortnite for a few weeks and they broke much of the island. However, they had not destroyed anything so far …

The latest earthquake He broke a lot of Chopped Floors, but it was not the only thing he did too destroyed one of the buildings in the sector. More precisely, what was previously destroyed and rebuilt during this season.

The popular Fortnite streamer, Ninja, could not have chosen a better time to return to the game after many days playing Apex Legends and even He managed to capture the moment the earthquake was carried into the building while he was at a game at that location.

These earthquakes will end when the game goes into maintenance, which It will happen on the morning of February 28, which will make the servers momentarily disabled while the content of Season 8 is inserted into the game.

You can see at what time maintenance in your country starts the following link.

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