Nicolas Vázquez detailed how he learned about the death of his brother Santiago


Nicolas Vázquez He gave details of one of the most difficult moments of his life: the death of his younger brother, Santiago Vázquez.

A little more than two years of the sudden death of his brother Santiago, the actor revealed how was the moment when he learned that he had died.

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The 27-year-old died of a congenital disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathythat his family did not know he was suffering. The event happened while he was on vacation with friends in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

When Jorge Rial asked Intruders who was the one who gave him the news of Santiago's death, the actor, visibly moved, said first: "Uh, how am I today. I'm entering a field that I can ask of you in a while to change the subject, "published radiomitre.

"It was me, that is … My brother's best friend who took care of him since this happened, who was sharing the room with him until my brother arrived in the country … When I say he cared for him, I'm saying that he I do not need to be so explicit, "he said.


And he went on: "Since it happened until he came, that boy did not even bathe. It's his other blood brother, we always knew, but if anyone has doubts … Carry, for friends, now lives in Barcelona. I am trying to make you realize your dreams and have good things happening to you because it is not easy to continue when you live in a situation like that. "

As he discovered that his brother had died

About the time they reported the news, Nico explained: "I had the phone in my hand, I was on the bench.… I get a WhatsApp … I used to talk to Santi four or five times a day. 11 in the morning, Punta Cana? Rarissimo The time difference has not been calculated at the moment. We had talked until 2 am the day before about River, the guys from the River had done a live, Mora. He stays on the Instagram my brother and I, he from there and I from here, a very crazy thing. "Well, Nico, tomorrow we'll talk … I love you, I love you." I thought it was strange at 11 in the morning. "

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"In the bank, you can not join in. So when I go out I hear his voice And I listen wrong, so when I listen wrong, I worry." Uy, that boy sent some shit.I thought he fought with someone … "(…) So, did I say what happened here? I hear how to cry." Nick, are you out there? Nick … How does it cut. & # 39; San, what happened? Here I am. " He does not answer me. I see the two blue tics. And it was not him, he was his friend. And he tells me what he tells me."He closed the story, unable to speak more before breaking.


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