Neymar arrived on his birthday in a wheelchair and everything was danced


February 5, 2019

Neymar celebrated his birthday on a "red night". The player arrived in his wheelchair and enjoyed the whole party, including singing and crying for friends who came to celebrate with him.

The Brazilian striker was a bit "spoiled," but celebrated his 27th with an incessant red & # 39; which was attended by more than 500 people. Among the guests were many of his colleagues at the Paris Saint Germain as Mbappé, Cavani, Alves and Di María, who recorded messages to the player who, when talking to those who attended the party, was touched and asked in tears to give him "a new finger."

The Brazilian star of PSG suffers a severe relapse of a previous bone lesion called pseudoarthrosis, for which it does not have the consolidation of a bone that had a previous range. This pathology can manifest up to two years after the first bone accident and reappear at unexpected times, as happened with Neymar just a few weeks ago.

LThe players of Paris Saint Germain dressed according to the theme of the party: "Nuit rouge" (Red Night) and danced alongside the birthday boy, who even moved in a wheelchair before getting up to sing on crutches.

The venue chosen for the event was the Gabriel's Pavilion, located in full Champs Elysees and the party was in charge of Red Bull, sponsor of the PSG striker and with which he created the popular Neymar Jr's Five tournament, which is held annually and whose final is held in Rio de Janeiro.


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