Next Tuesday, the Supreme Court will issue an important decision on pensions


December 16, 2018

The highest court will rule on a highly sensitive social and political issue. Most of the court would be inclined to endorse a retiree.

Retirement of the Supreme Court

This Tuesday, the Supreme Court will announce one of the failures most expected for about 150,000 retirees with actions to update salaries and National Government. There you will define with which index the Anses must pay the sentences and adjust the remuneration of the elderly with judicial claims for retirement.

The pronouncement of maximum cut on a theme of high social sensitivity and policy will be on the case of the retiree Lucio Orlando Blanco and will coincide with a demonstration convened for the morning of that day in front of the Palace two Courts of Buenos Aires.

The case of Luis Orlando White, a worker who He retired in 2003 and began the trial for updating wages at that time. Blanco, like several thousand retirees, got a favorable decision. Now we discuss how the ANSES You should update pensions and pay for the failure, TN says.

It is worth mentioning that the situation reached the Supreme Court after an appeal by the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), since Chamber II of the Social Security Chamber will decide in favor of the retiree.

The votes of the judges Horacio Rosatti, Ricardo Lorenzetti and Carlos Maqueda would be sufficient to form majority contrary to the position of the government.

It is worth clarifying that the social security pay the judgment and update the Blanco credit with the Ripte index, Acronym for Average Tax Compensation of Stable Workers.

Anses uses Ripte, which is the average of the entire formal wage bill, to calculate the initial assets and perform the recalculation of the income of the sanction of the Historical repair. And he wants to settle the sentences of those who did not join the Repair with the same indicator. He argues that it is more representative and less volatile than Isbic. In most cases, calculating the sentence and having the Ripte is less than doing it with Isbic.


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