Next Tuesday begins the Campaign for Prevention of Skin Cancer 2018


Every year, the campaign is carried out to spread the need for prevention and control of this pathology. Skin cancer is the most common in humans. It has developed more than any other variety of cancer in the last 30 years. From Tuesday 20 to Friday 23 will be attended without shift and free of charge, from 8 am, at the Dermatology Service of the Faculty of Acute Medicine Dr. Ramón Madariaga, in Posadas.

In Misiones, the diffusion is very necessary, especially because of the racial, labor and climatic characteristics. Sun damage is cumulative and repeated exposures produce long-term precancerous lesions and skin cancer.

Skin cancer is seen, unlike the others; a small itch that changes, changes color, a small wound that can not be cured, all this has to be a reason for medical consultation and be aware that they are signs like fever, bellyache, etc.

With education is avoided, skin cancer is curable in most cases. Therefore, it is recommended to check the body, arms, legs, chest, back, scalp. The insistence on highlighting the importance of prevention and early detection never seems sufficient, this is demonstrated in the places of hospital and private care with cases of late consultations.

The skin cancer campaign is one of the most representative at this time of year, mainly due to exposure to the sun in Misiones.

From Tuesday 20 to Friday 23 will be attended without shifts and free of charge, starting at 8 am in the Dermatology Service of the Hospital School of Agudos Dr. Ramon Madariaga.

In Oberá, at the SAMIC Hospital, the dermatologists will also be participating without shift and free of charge from 8am from 20 to 23 November.

The Ministry of Public Health, the Institute of Social Security, the Ramon Madariaga Hospital, the Missions Section of the Argentine Society of Dermatology, the Federal Investment Council, LALCEC Posadas and LALCEC Oberá are part of the organization of this campaign.



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