New hantavirus death feared | Chronic


A 72-year-old man died Tuesday morning at Esquel's Zonal Hospital and analyzed whether it was due to hantavirus. So far there are three confirmed deaths and four cases under observation. After confirming several cases of outbreaks in the Epuyén mountain range area, the province of Chubut declared on Monday a health alert in the area of ​​the Esquel Program for the disease.

The last fatality of the hantavirus was a 38-year-old woman, an employee of Epuyén Hospital, who died in the early hours of Sunday morning. Previously a 14-year-old girl, more than fifteen days old, and a 61-year-old municipal official who died on Tuesday of last week. The positive cases were confirmed by the laboratory of the Malbrán Institute.

The Minister of Health of Chubut, Adrián Pizzi, stated that "andInterpersonal contagion became the first hypothesis of contagion of the disease"and compared the cases of Epuyén with the very similar ones that occurred in 1996 in El Bolsón, 50 kilometers from the locality.The fact that the virus is transmitted from person to person is a rarity in health, since the most frequent and known form The way the epidemic spreads is through the hanta virus transmitted by the rodent Oligoryzomys longicaudatus, known in the mountain range as "mouse colilargo".

It is a serious acute viral disease and rodents transmit it to people, eliminating the virus in saliva, feces and urine. So far, no mice have been found in the room where the contagious people had contact, or in the perimeter of the homes of those affected where the traps were placed.


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