Sunday , October 24 2021

new alternative to Chrome for Android created by Xiaomi



Google Chrome is the Web browser most commonly used on computers and mobile devices. But even if it is the users' favorite browser for AndroidThere are many other options. And the last to participate in this extensive list is Mint Browser, in Xiaomi. But what can you offer us? In the Google Play Store, Mint Browser is defined as a web browser light, fast and safe. Above all, it has the reduced internal storage you need and It also does not need a lot of RAM.

Do not run to look for him in the Google Play Storebecause simply you will not find looking on a regular basis. To be able to Download Mint Browser you have to access through a specific link that we leave in this link, below. The Xiaomi browser has a design that inevitably reminds you Xiaomi, with a light appearance and taking advantage of search engine Google by default, with the search bar and the URLs at the top. In addition, at the bottom, it also uses Google services to search with voice commands.

This is Mint Browser, the new Xiaomi browser for Android that aims to replace Google Chrome on your mobile phone

To improve web browser control Mint Browser, the Chinese company put the forward, start, tabs and menu buttons at the bottom. And to differentiate itself from other browsers and offer something more than Google ChromeFor example, we have a dark mode which can be activated with a single tap. In any case, Mint Browser also stands out for its safety offers and takes care of privacy in its anonymous browsingor because of the economy in the consumption of mobile data that promises us and few resources hardware that is required for optimal operation.

In short, Mint Browser promises something very similar to what it offers us Google Chrome, with a complete integration of the services of the company Mountain View, and adding a more minimalist design, in addition to a more contained consumption of resources. If you want to try, as we said, below you have the link to Download Mint Browserbecause you will not be able to find it on the Google Play Store by looking for it normally.

Download Mint Browser for Android

Written by Carlos González

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