new alliance with Ikea in sight



The mobile division of Xiaomi generates benefits, although this is not its main economic support. The Chinese company has an almost endless catalog of products, among which we find authentic jewelry related to residential automation. Over the past few months, we have seen a strong commitment to Xiaomi's artificial intelligence, an AI that goes far beyond mobile technology.

IoT – the internet of things – and said that AI seems to go hand in hand and Xiaomi is looking for new alliances to enhance its products related to these concepts. New news indicates an alliance with the giant IKEA, without much detail on the mentioned pact, although it is not very difficult to guess where the shots go.

Xiaomi and IKEA, the new era of residential automation


With a new voice assistant already set up – XiaoAI – and unstoppable annual growth, Xiaomi is ready to take a big leap into the house. According to the signature has the largest IoT platform today, above Amazon, Apple, Samsung and even Google. Xiaomi has been investing in companies related to the development of smart hardware, preparing the leap forward for the technologies of the future.

In the official channel of we were able to obtain information on a new partnership between Xiaomi and IKEA, the Swedish giant known for providing furniture and household products to much of the world. No details have been given about this agreement, but logic suggests that Xiaomi home automation products will begin to be sold at IKEA, as well as possible agreements to create exclusive products.

If so, Expansion of Xiaomi would begin to be unstoppableand finally their home automation products would begin to play an important role in international sales – something that is already beginning to happen but is still limited by the distribution of these products.

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