Friday , July 23 2021

"Nazarena Velez says she is defending her daughter and is ruining her," said Carmen Barbieri.

In this last time, the controversy between Federico Bal and Barbie Vélez recovered forces. Nazarena Vélez returned to the ring after learning that her daughter would be in Mar del Plata for the theatrical season, such as Fede, so they could cross. Since then, the blonda has not stopped giving statements against his daughter's ex-boyfriend and has thus, the actor asked for a perimeter against him.

In this context, Carmen Barbieri – Whoever stayed away from the scandal – joined the fight and left to defend his son in a radio interview. "He is a man, he chooses his partners, I never enter into his partners or in his life, he lives alone since he was 18 years old, he is now 29. He has everything with his lawyers, but since a long time he is making the judgment of that lady, "he began to explain in Agarrate Catalina, to La Once Ten / Radio de la Ciudad.

"This perimeter that has emerged now is to end the aggressions and threats that Federico is receiving, we see this woman every day in the press saying she does not know what she will do the day she is found, that is a threat," he clarified . "From this and hearing that he was a puncher and a murderer, and that he compares with cases like the Schoklenders, there comes a time when he does not want to be smothered by name, his masculinity and his family," he continued.

"She's obsessed, she says she's defending her daughter and she's ruining it, she's sinking, the girl cries, one hurts the kids unknowingly," he said. the kinematics. He added: "It's a very big obsession, he had with Agostini, with Hernán Caire, she ruined several lives, several names, and we're not going to let her ruin our surname or ruin my son.

"I'm not going to let this lady dirty my family and get me dirty the way she's doing," he commented. Barbieri very indignant. Finally, when asked about the latest images of Barbie Vélez, where she was seen crying, she said: "Barbie does not talk because she wants to leave everything behind and everything is fine, because it is settled in court." And he concluded, "Bring back and relive this lady's fire."

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