Natalie Prez: emotions and national rock in La Trastienda


We've seen Natalie Prez in different facets on a stage or television cameras, because of her different facets as an artist. But never before was he seen last Saturday, when he performed in La Trastienda Unté de tiló favor, his first album. And we have the pictures of the presentation!

This debut work, composed of eleven songs, is a review of different emotions and tones, from ballads to more dancing themes, passing through several references to feelings. The artist stands out for her sweet voice and a good musical work that accompanies it.

Through the songs, Natalie Prez highlights the influence that artists like Julieta Venegas and Natalia Lafourcade have on her: both at the compositional and musical level, the sounds are similar, but they retain their own label.

During the presentation of the album, Natalie Prez performed a set of songs with Migue Granados with which she honored different national rock figures such as Sui Generis, Charly Garca, Dividido, Fito Pez, among others. The detail allowed us to combine the best of the classic sound with what the new proposals are offering.

See the pictures:


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