Saturday , October 23 2021

Natacha Jaitt begins a judicial war against the baby Etchecopar


After the complicated moment of health that the media lived, after having been hospitalized and operated as the product of a tear in the chest, now recovers and renews its energies to face new conflicts. What was known in the last hours is that to carry out another scandal, from taking the Baby Etchecopar.

Natacha Jaitt returns to the ring after spending several months away from the media and social networks, with occasional appearances showing that her physical condition was not the best and should continue with medical care. Now everything seems to improve, so a new complaint is being made against the member of Radio 10 for causing him to leave the station. In this regard, he made strong statements.

Natacha nonsense against Drink to share some of his words in reference to his participation in Mirtha Legrand's desk, in which he accused pedigrees of many members of the Argentine farce, including: journalists, political leaders, trade unions, sports references, Argentine farndula and many others who will be involved in this scandal which is still under investigation.

Natacha Jaitt was invented by Rial, Ventura, all these putero programs. I can tell you why I made her kick it, I sentenced Baby in April of this year, after the brunette caused great controversy at the lunch diva's table, in addition to cataloging Jaitt as a service. She now seizes the opportunity to collect these harsh statements and take action on the matter.

Because of this, Natacha shared the videos and made a point of bringing the driver to Radio 10. Every day of my life, I lost my health, every cry, every penny to eat, every listener of @_ElAscensor x @ Mega983 that this nefarious who claims to make me play, pay EVERYTHING criminally, wrote to Jaitt on Twitter opening a great political, as every time it is expressed.

I tell you that at 4 am today I was after all this, (there are 50 videos about Baby Etchecopar m with sinister lies all), with panic attack, thanks to the doctors who ran in SAME of Hospital Pirovano there is not an attack cardiac condition, writes the driver, referring to the difficult health problems that have been occurring in recent months. Looks like it comes with everything again, and Troy burns!

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