Nahir Galarza has a boyfriend: they ask that Justice facilitate the meetings – 12/22/2018


Sentenced to life for his boyfriend's cold-blooded murder Fernando Pastorizzo in Gualeguaychú, Nahir Galarza (20) remade his sentimental life in prison and I would be married again.

The surprise news is known a week after the first anniversary of Pastorizzo's crime, on December 29, for which Galarza was sentenced to a maximum penalty last July.

According to UNO newspaper Entre Ríos, the boy's new boyfriend is called Matías Caudana, imprisoned – and prosecuted – for integrating a narco band led by his father, Elbio Gonzalo Caudana.

The young man and Galarza met when Caudana was allowed to visit his paternal grandmother in the prison in Parana, which is a pity for selling drugs.

Nahir Galarza and Fernando Pastorizzo.

Nahir Galarza and Fernando Pastorizzo.

"In her passes from the men's prison (UPI) to UPVI (for women), he met Nahir. Matías was allowed a family approach to this lady who is the mother of Elbio Caudana, "explained Augusto Lafferriere, Caudana's lawyer.

The lawyer made a presentation before the Federal Court of Paraná so that the defendant can be seen with the person convicted of homicide " deepen the dating relationship. "

"I do not know exactly under what circumstances Matias and Nahir met, but it is certain that they entered the women's prison and that is where they became friends, and then beginning of the relationship that now seeks to strengthen "added Lafferriere.

Galarza has been detained since December 30, when she appeared in court and acknowledged having murdered her boyfriend Pastorizzo with two shots with his police father's gun.

After spending much of his detention at the Juvenile Commissariat of Gualeguaychú, he is currently serving time at the Paraná Women's Prison.

Last November, Galarza was on the news for confronting another inmate. According to reports, the girl argued with a former municipal official convicted of drug trafficking. The heavy fighting included cross-death threats, so they had to intervene in penitentiaries.


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