Wednesday , June 16 2021

"My allowed with a woman would be with …"

Only after thirteen years of love with Guillermo Brutto, Carla Conte is open to new experiences, so much so that she revealed some intimate questions about her sexuality.

Carla Conte

After thirteen years of dating, Carla Conte She is newly single and seems to want to live new experiences. So much so that in dialogue with Rodrigo Lussich, the driver started talking about his sex life and even encouraged to make a series of revelations about his preferences and even encourage him to appoint a woman allowed.

"It's dirty, it's spicy, it has everything," he confessed. Carla Conte about if I had to choose a woman to have sex with. Also of course chose a man, and the lucky one was the well-known actor Leonardo Sbaraglia.

Speaking of sexuality, the host also spoke about the debate of critics of sex education. "The antidericks stopped, they got stronger, they were always there But you have to fight It's full of uninformed mothers and fathers, and they start to burn their heads saying that their children are being taught that they have to be of another gender we are talking about information, about freedom, about being able to decide, we are talking about many children and children that they discover in the sexual education class that were abused.This happens all the time.You have to defend it to die " Carla Conte.

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