Saturday , October 23 2021

Most researched by Argentines on Google in 2018


The end of the year comes and, according to the assumption, we all take stock of what has been done. And when it comes to searching the web, Google does it for us by publishing the classic "Year in Search".

This is the annual summary of the megabuscador that analyzes what were the themes that aroused the greatest interest among the Argentines during 2018 and that turned into searches.

The World Cup in Russia is at the top of the ranking, with questions like "Which countries participate in the 2018 World Cup?", "What is the name of the 2018 World Cup mascot?" and "What time is it in Russia?"

As you might expect, the term "dollar" came in second place: "What are the Lebacs?", "What is the IMF?" and above all "How did the dollar come close?" were the searches of Argentines worried about the economic situation.

The death of Débora Pérez Volpin was another theme that aroused more interest, along with the work of Stan Lee and the life of Luis Miguel, thanks to the success of the Netflix series: "What happened to Luis Miguel's mother?" one of the questions asked many times.

Political issues such as the G20 summit held in our country and the debate in the Congress on the Abortion Legalization Project under the term "Abortion Law" also focused attention, even with searches such as "What is Misoprostol?" And "How Is the abortion vote in the Senate? "

Other topics of great Argentine interest were "Boca River Party", "Hot Sale 2018" and "Cyber ​​Monday 2018". Also the term "skere", the deformation of the English expression "let's get it" installed by rapper Gazzy García.

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