Most developers say Steam should not keep 30%


Valve faces serious competition with the Epic Store and the recently launched Discord Store, and many game developers say Steam does not deserve 30% of the sale. Valve gets 30% of all sales revenue from games sold on Steam, leaving developers with 70%. The company has increased to 75 to 25 for developers who receive $ 10 million in sales, and titles that make $ 20 million have a larger division, 85-15.

This does not help much for smaller developers.

In a GDC survey of the state of the industry for 2019, approximately 32% of all respondents said that Valve does not need to charge the current rate. O 27% of the game developers who did the research say Valve does not deserve to keep all that money. Only 6% of developers said yes and 17% were not sure of their answer.

Valve needs to improve if it wants to continue taking so much out of every game sale, the developers said. The most important complaints talk about the Steam review system, where many comments from trolls and video games are marked by nonsensical comments … the low visibility of the games was another important factor in the complaints.

Interestingly, developers who sell games on Steam say that the platform represents between 75 and 100% of their total sales.

However, developers now have other options. The Epic Store has a compelling 88-12 revenue breakdown for all developers, and the Discord Store increases further with a 90-10 split. These policies will undoubtedly attract many independent developers who want to make more money, but for now, Steam is the place that generates the most.


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