Friday , October 22 2021

"Morro" García fell and the breathalyzer test gave him


The Uruguayan football player Santiago "Morro" García, which serves as front in Godoy Cross, collided with his Audi in Maldonado. Breath test tested positive.

The incident occurred on Saturday at the intersection of José Dodera and Arturo Santana streets in the Uruguayan city. García hit another vehicle in which two elderly people traveled, according to the newspaper El Observador.

Gentileza / Marcelo Umpiérrez

Breathalyzer control that was made for the player gave him positive: 1.44 grams of alcohol per liter in the blood. The Tomba player has not been injured and is in perfect condition.

Gentileza / Marcelo Umpiérrez

After what happened, he applied fines to the football player (for driving drunk and not respecting a stop sign) and his vehicle was seized by court order.

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