Moria: "When he threatened to take the baby, Vicky blew his head" – 18/12/2018


While in your program Incorrect (America, from Monday to Friday, 17.15) Moria Casán He told details of his private conversation with Vicky Xipolitakis after the complaint she made to 911 against her husband Javier Naselli, he expanded his testimony on a cell phone with News from America (America, from Monday to Friday, at 19).

Consulted by Guillermo Andino and Mónica Gutierrez, Moria said "I love you very much, we are like a family with Vicky. I just found out that I called Manuel, his father., who also discovered about the media. "

Moria with Vicky Xipolitakis and Javier Naselli in the baby shower of his son Salvador.

Moria with Vicky Xipolitakis and Javier Naselli in the baby shower of his son Salvador.

"Vicky told me about a situation they had with their partner. there has been some verbal abuse that has been coming for some time. They are like sparks she did not give them greater importance, "he said.

Regarding the personalities of each, Moria described that "the man is more conservative and she is more explosive". he was annoyed with something and there came the shouts"

"Incompared Naselli to have his son here and stay in Argentina?", They were asked of the study. "I do not know, I know him very little and I only saw him in social events that always appear as a good host. Vicky says that several times they argued and this time it was because of the food. He wanted to eat and she did not take care of him because he was drinking milk and being busy with the baby"replied the driver.

Vicky and Javier Naselli were always very much in love in public.

Vicky and Javier Naselli were always very much in love in public.

Moria continued to tell details that Vicky told her and expanded her testimony: "Then he got angry and started knocking on the door and yelling loudly at him. The worst was when he took the baby out of the crib and threatened to take him away. There she blew up and locked herself in another room with the baby. "

To everyone's surprise, the driver gave more data. "& # 39;If you tell me something else, I'll report youVicky would tell from the room where she locked herself. And as he continued to insult and shout, she called 911. Fortunately, when the police arrived, he left.

Regarding the type of violence suffered by Xipolitakis, the driver was responsible for clarifying that "The aggression was always verbal and never physical. She is sad because of what happened and what touched the baby was the limit. "

Regarding the future of the couple, Moria speculated that "Now she wants to be calm and alone with the baby. you have to see if he talks to him, if he comes back and these things. When Vicky tells us this I understand she's asking for help somehow. "

"I do not want to accuse you of being an abuser because I do not know you. But I feel Vicky's family and I do not like her to suffer. I always thought he was polite, refined, charming, though I've only seen him six times in my life, "Naselli described.

For the closing, Moria assured that "I have no idea if they will reconcile. To her, it was a shock to have a baby and take care of him in cottons, as they had created her as a child. Vicky is very intelligent and sensitive. And she will be quiet with the baby, until they can talk. I do not know if this fight will be final. "


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