Moria Casán destroyed Carla Conte on Twitter – 12/17/2018


Moria Casán He gave free rein to his karate language once again. This opportunity the recipient of his lapidary phrases was Carla Conte, the driver of "Confronted"(The nine). Moria He jumped at her, set her against the virtual strings, and gave her no rest.

It all started with the next tweet Moria Casán:

The toss of the driver "Incorrect"(America) received numerous responses, among others, Carla Conte, who wrote: "Always so sorra her".

Stock Image Carla Conte

Stock Image Carla Conte

So Moria He became angry and answered the following:

As if everything had been little, The One added these other two tweets in reference to the magazine of the year 2001 in whose cover she posed, super sexy, and with a title more than impressive: the text where Moria said: "To compete with me, you have to operate your brain, not lolas"


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