Saturday , February 27 2021

more than 40 people left the isolation

Today, 44 people who had some contact with positive cases of hantavirus after the outbreak of Epuyén concluded their selective respiratory isolation. At this time, only 30 people They should complete this process in their homes.

From the start of the outbreak in early December to the present, 31 hantavirus diagnoses were recorded in the area, of which 11 people died.

At this time, only 4 patients remain isolated in Esquel hospital but there are no hospitalizations in the intensive care unit.

On Jan. 11, Esquel's criminal judge, Martin Zacchino, ordered the mandatory isolation of 85 residents of Epuyén to prevent the spread of the outbreak.

"Through the professionals and experts of the Ministry of Health, it is determined which neighbor may have a potential danger and the corresponding precautions are dictated, among which one should remain in their homes. As in some cases there was a violation, a presentation was made to the courts, "Massoni acknowledged at the time.

In relation to this measure, the monitoring of about 40 police stations stationed in Epuyén was provided to provide support.


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