Monster Hunter World welcomes Geralt from Rivia and the Iceborne DLC


The creators of Monster hunter Announce in live all the news that will reach the title in the coming months, which are not few. Let us now detail all the additions to the title of Capcom, who was one of the nominees for the Game Awards that were held a few days ago.

Collaboration with The Witcher

"A new collaboration comes to Monster hunter: the world's players take control of Geralt de Rivia, a professional monster killer equipped with superhuman strength and reflexes, and takes them to a series of Witcher-inspired missions. These offer a unique gaming experience that combines The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's RPG mechanics with Monster Hunter: World's game systems, "the official press release says.

Therefore, as we saw earlier with other sagas as Mega Man, Devil May Cry and Horizon: Zero Dawn, will be a temporary event in which we can embark on inspired missions The Witcher, apparently incorporating Geralt. Of course, we will have to see if it is finally a skin, a new character that we can keep after the event and the rest of the details that make up the collaboration.

Great expansion and other news

On the occasion of completing one year (at the end of January 2019), there will be a special event in the title called Appreciation Fest, of which we still do not have many details in addition, we will celebrate the anniversary of the title bringing a party for the base of the hunters.

On the other hand, was presented in the autumn of 2019 a major expansion for the title called Iceborne, which will add a new history, missions and territories to the title. There is not much information beyond your ad trailer yet, so keep an eye out for any new details.

Finally, it announced a free trial which will include missions up to 4th place, will keep the progress of the final version and will allow you to use the online mode. The test will be available from 11 to 16 December until 17 December at 5:59 p.m.


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