Mirtha Legrand's criticism of Mery del Cerro for her ShowMatch tribute: "She had no luxury or splendor"


The host received the participant in his program Dancing 2018 and took the opportunity to make your return.

Mirtha Legrand and her tribute critique Mery del Cerro gave her on ShowMatch:

Last week, Mery del Cerro honored in ShowMatch one Mirtha Legrand next to your dancer Facundo Mazzei. On Sunday, the model was invited to lunch in the cycle of the diva and Chiqui took the opportunity to make her return live.

"Mery, I want to tell you publicly that I liked the tribute. Maybe he needed a bit more luxury, splendor, but it's very difficult what you did … Dance the life of a film and television figure," Mirtha began .

"I expected something more luxurious, with more bombastic, glamorous dresses," added the driver. "We understood the return of the jury, but we were still happy with what we did," said Del Cerro, who did not receive high marks from the court for his performance and was sentenced.

"I was surprised, uneasy, but I liked it. He had something nostalgic," Legrand concluded.

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