Miracle Room sentenced to 13 years in prison for diverting public funds


The piquetero leader was found guilty of crimes of illicit association, fraud to the public administration and extortion, in the scope of the case "Pibes Villeros" Credit: Juan Fernández, El Tribuno de Jujuy

Miracle room

, leader of the Tupac Amaru organization, was found guilty of conspiracy, fraud and extortion and sentenced to 13 years in prison. The sentence was handed down in the case known as "Pibes Villeros", which investigates the fate of the money that the Kirchner government sent to Jujuy for the construction of houses, but that was used for other purposes.

The case was widely publicized nationally from the images that showed activists of the Tupac Amaru withdrawing bags with money from a VIP room of the National Bank, to the house of Sala and to the headquarters of the organization.

Sala was being tried along with 29 other defendants accused of defrauding the state in about 60 million pesos charged by cooperatives to build social housing, which would not have been done.

"How easy it is to accuse this black woman, how easy it is to fill up with lies, but to end this circus once and for all to end this harassment of Justice and some sections of the press," he said before being sentenced. , during the allegations.

Yes [el gobernador] Gerardo Morales is a gentleman who gives me freedom and we compete hand in hand with the government.

Miracle room

"Yes [el gobernador] Gerardo Morales is a gentleman, who gives me freedom and we compete hand in hand with the government, "said Sala, who had already advanced his intentions to run for office, despite being in prison.

"Gerardo Morales is afraid of me and he is a cagón," he reiterated several times and assured that the cooperators accused in this case "are all innocent," according to Telam.

After hearing all the accused, the public entered the fourth interval to discuss the sentence, which became known after 8.30.

Originally, the hearing was expected to begin at 9:00 am but was suspended at 4:00 p.m., because the accused Juan Manuel Aguilera was arrested in the province of Salta for a drug trafficking case and was unable to attend the debate.

Mabel Balconte, Aguilera's mother, obtained her seat in the provincial Chamber of Deputies in 2015, by the United Front and Organized Kirchner, led by Sala, but later moved to the Cambiemos bloc, led by Governor Gerardo Morales. His son was one of the few defendants who indicted Sala and the only one of the 30 defendants to whom the prosecution requested the acquittal.

The opinion of Gerardo Morales

The governor of Jujuy,

Gerardo Morales

He talked to

News Therapy

and opined on the performance of Justice. "This decision is one of the most important milestones that are putting an influence on the culture of violence and corruption in the province," he said.

In addition, the radical said that this contributes to "strengthen a climate of peace and coexistence" for the people. "Decisions are fulfilled," he added, adding, "Justice has acted and there was force in all the evidence, not only all of us, Jujeños, we know, but it has been very clear in the judicial process."

In addition, he referred to the statements of Miguel Pichetto, who questioned the decision. For Morales, the PJ senator "should read the cause." "They miss me because they do not know the cause, all Argentines have seen how all the money from the Bank of the Argentine Nation has been withdrawn in boxes and suitcases, the illicit association, frauds and threats have been proven."


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