Mica Viciconte gave a spoon on his relationship with Poroto Cubero – 03/26/2019


In the middle of the confrontation they are holding Nicole Neumann and Fabián Poroto Cubero to the regime of visits of the three daughters that they have in common, Mica Viciconte, the current couple of footballers, left to defend her boyfriend in "Incorrect"(America) and in this context, revealed an intimacy.

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Viciconte I wanted to keep secret the new situation that is living with your partner, but after a long dialogue, Moria Casán he ended up getting it out of lies, right, and Mica gave him the spoon.

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After having elaborated the conflict that crosses Cubero with his ex-wife Nicole, Mica Viciconte He said: "The reality is that we are on a new road, so we are very well and very happy, we are projecting other things."

Quick reflexes, Moria CasánI ask if what they project is to have a child. It was then that Mica He ended up revealing the secret he did not want to tell. "No," she replied about the possibility of being a mother at this time, and began to reap: "It's just that we're living together."he announced.

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"We rented a large apartment because we are very much. I did not want to tell you, but we've been living together for almost a month."He explained Viciconte. And, as he said, life in common develops in total harmony. "It's ten." Poroto– For me, it's a type that does not exist: cooking, washing, ironing, sweeping …. It's badly used, I said, stop, I know how to wash and cook. ".

When they asked if Nicole is aware that she is Cubero they already live together Mica Viciconte He replied, "I think he knew why when Fabián moves in, he automatically has to tell the lawyer that he has to make a change of address, so surely his lawyer warned his lawyers.

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