Mexico leads at work stress: experts advise how to fight against it


The toxic environment in which a worker develops is detrimental to his health. This predominant working condition in our country prevents the former from being productivebecause it confuses productivity with quantity.

The work environment where a worker is working is crucial to generating good results. If your roles are run in a healthy and proactive environment, the possibilities for increasing your creativity and innovation will be reflected in your performance and productivity.. To understand and apply this correlation, organizations and employees will benefit.

"Obviously, this is due to each particular situation, however, what should be taken care of is the loyalty of the employee, who is empowered and valued by the organization, which will lead us to a commitment of belonging, of struggle for goals, which in our work culture is currently divorced, " said Erika Villavicencio-Ayub, coordinator and researcher of Organizational Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology (FP) at UNAM.

In an analysis of 38 countries by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), revealed that Mexico and Costa Rica are the Latin American countries with the highest working hours in the world, a position that shares with the labor stress indexes.

In other words, "we are the number one country in the world on stress, and about 43 percent manage relevant stress levels., a very alarming condition in our country, "said Villavicencio-Ayub.

The toxic environment in which a worker develops is detrimental to his health. This predominant working condition in our country prevents the person from being productive because he confuses productivity with quantity.

"People may not be in the office, but they are responding to emails, messages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which causes an addiction to technology and work. The highest number of hours is not related to a productivity index. The formula is not this, "said the university's academic.

For the World Health Organization (WHO), this syndrome known as burnout or professional burnout, can already be considered as a mental disorder. During the 72nd World Health Assembly, held on May 20 in Geneva, Switzerland, nations agreed that this new classification will take effect on January 1, 2022.

"There is much to celebrate, it's the first time professional wear has entered the standings," said Villavicencio-Ayub.

Described as physical and mental exhaustion, professional burnout owes its classification from "mental disorder" to chronic stress caused by overwork. The WHO will associate it with the section on Problems associated with employment and unemployment, since the labor demands were such that they were not managed efficiently.

In this context, the university researcher warned about problems that affect the company's ability to retain employees, either because of lack of motivation or leadership. "We have to turn to see all these cases being detonated because the current condition in our country is alarming in matters of stress at work"

The specialist in Organizational Psychology considered that As we continue to postpone the formation of leaders, the proliferation of psychosomatic, emotional, and physical disorders will continue to occur. "The formation of leaders is a key part of these issues, they are responsible for the work teams, to move towards the work culture we need."

So, migrating to the culture of happiness and health must be rooted in. The alternatives are so viable and effective that some countries now do them. "Gambling in the home office, for example, is as efficient as attending the office in person."

A few weeks ago, the Federal Official Gazette published Standard 035 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS) to prevent and control psychosocial risk factors.s in organizations.

This classification, which will come into force in 2022, requires and obliges employers to make, preventive actions to control conditions of harassment or violence at work and other psychosocial risk factors, such as chronic stress.

"Without a doubt, many workers will benefit from these actions. Part of this rule takes effect in October and the end of the following yearTherefore, the Secretary of Labor has the task of verifying that everyone is complying. The norm requires us, "concluded Villavicencio-Ayub.


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