Merval gained 2.6% with a significant volume; country risk caresses the 700 points


O The benchmark Merval of the Stock Exchanges and Markets of Argentina (BYMA) rose 2.6% to 33,769.35 points, in the midst of the external financial optimism that caused the trade negotiations between Americans and Chinese.

In the domestic area there was a massive buying wave led by financial papers, which led the market to rise Up to 4.3%, calculating the average of the wheel.

The most important advances of the day were recorded by the actions of Central Port (+ 6.4%); Cablevision (+ 5.8%); Supervielle (+ 4.6%); and Galicia (+ 3.4%), whose roles were panel operators ($ 334 million).

There were 64 ups, 17 lows and 8 documents without changes. The total traded in stocks was well above $ 1 billion: it rose 34% to $ 1,148.6 million, the highest level of the year.

In the general panel, some papers flew, reaching close to 10%, such as Caputo (+ 9.8%); Fiplast (+ 8.6%); and Petrolera del Cono Sur (+ 7.8%).

"The trend change has been consolidated so far this month," one operator noted. In just six days of 2019 the leading panel has already accumulated an increase of 11.8%.

"The international financial conditions gave Argentina assets a hand, the renewed flow of capital to emerging countries had Brazil (Jair) Bolsonaro as protagonist and contagion for Argentina. according to Mills Capital Group.

On Wall Street, however, Dow Jones and Standard & Poor's advanced 0.4%; and the Nasdaq technology sector added 0.9%.

Teams from China and the United States ended trade talks in Beijing on Wednesday that lasted longer than expected, boosting hopes of avoiding a trade war that could disrupt the global economy.

Obligations and country risk

In fixed income, the main dollar-denominated peso-denominated securities recorded strong gains against renewed investor interest.

Global 2037 led the increases, posting an increase of 1.7%. In addition, the discount under Argentine law added 1.4% and the centennial bonus added 1%. Meanwhile, the Bonar 2024 rose 0.5%.

But the largest increases were recorded in dollar-denominatedRates up to 2.4% (Global 2037).

In this context, country risk, measured by JP Morgan, fell 2.2% to the area of ​​711 basis points, although it arrived to mark in the wheel 702 units, minimum level since the beginning of December. Keep in mind that this indicator rises to 840 points in the last week of 2018.


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