Mercado Libre grows more in finance than in sales


According to the analysis of its balance sheet, during the past year, 334.7 million articles were sold on its platform, which means a year-on-year growth of 23.9%, which resulted in a total volume of money transported US $ 12,504.9 million. In turn, Mercado Pago closed the year with 389.3 million payment transactions, 68.2% more than in the previous year.

The volume of money transacted in the Paid Market in 2018 was US $ 18,455.9 million. In view of this scenario, from the detail of the company: "The credit and credit service was successfully implemented in the Free Market through the Market Payment and Market Credit, while they continued to develop innovative online payment solutions outside the e-commerce platform With a significant acceleration in the penetration of different products both online and offline, Mercado Pago is positioned as the main provider of comprehensive financial technology solutions, particularly in segments of the Latin American population that have historically been marginalized from the system and in many cases operate in the informal economy of the region. "

As a result of this great moment, the volume of money processed by Mercado Pago, outside the Mercado Libre platform, surpassed the mark of $ 2 billion for the first time, reaching $ 2,100 million during the fourth quarter of 2018.

Continuing with the company's global numbers, last year its revenue reached $ 1,439.7 million, 18% more than in 2017, while the net loss was $ 36.6 million, "mainly due to changes in the structure of shipping costs in Brazil, free shipping initiatives and the elimination of low-priced products from the platform, "the company said.


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