Mendoza again opens the doors


In the midst of the controversy that is being experienced by the final of the Copa Libertadores between Rio and Boca, due to incidents of public knowledge, the Government of Mendozaand entered the discussion.

Governor Alfredo Cornejo through his Twitter account, postulated to the province by the transcendental game, supported in the antecedents of the classics that were disputed in the Malvinas Argentinas.

Cornejo's message

"Lords of @CONMEBOL @TanoAngelici and @RololfoDonofrio, I propose that you play the final game of the Copa Libertadores de America in Mendoza. The form would be the same as would be done in Buenos Aires, only with a Rio audience, ensuring the safety of the meeting ", was the tweet published by the press of Mendoza. This story began on Saturday when Mendoza's security minister, Gianni Venier, published the hashtag "#SuperCopaenMendoza #RiverBoca" in his little birdie account.

Yesterday, before the governor nominated Mendoza as its headquarters, the undersecretary of Public Management and Modernization of the State, Ulpiano Suárez, published: "Mendoza can organize the final of the Libertadores with all the security that an event of this dimension demands."

For now, we have to wait for tomorrow's meeting between Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio, Daniel Angelici and Alejandro Domínguez, owner of Conmebol, to know what will happen and if it is possible that this meeting will be held in our province.

In turn, Néstor Majul, Undersecretary of Institutional Relations of the Ministry of Security, confirmed the message of Cornejo"As we talked about playing in a neutral stadium, the game between River and Boca offered that this can be done in Mendoza, since since we assumed that we performed national and international shows and everything went well," he said.

"He played Argentina to qualify against Uruguay, in addition to the final of the Supercopa Argentina between River and Boca, with public, the final of the Argentine Cup and another match" complicated "as Boca-Rosario Central. That means we are qualified to hold this kind of event. "And he made it clear:" We just say that if you decide to change the scenario, you think of Mendoza as a possibility to do it. "


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