"Meizu Zero" is the first smartphone without buttons, ports or loudspeaker


The Chinese company Meizu, presented his New model called Meizu Zero, the world's first mobile phone no buttons, ports, or speaker.

It has an eUnibody 3D ceramic structure and because it has no doors, the model is equipped with a technology that allows charge wirelessly what is it called "Super mCharge" which has a rate of 18W Charge.

The cell phone issues it sounds through the screen, so there is no headset, so it was reviewed by the Gizmochina web portal. To enjoy music use compatibility with Bluetooth 5.0.

"The advantage of the screen's sound technology is that users can listen to phone calls even when the device is upside down," said Li Nan, senior vice president of the company.

The screen, curved OLED 5.99 inches, has a "optical fingerprint sensor", also brings incorporated a card Yes it is.

To increase and decrease volume levels, the phone brings "a linear motor on the sides that replaces the physical buttons for the volume and connects", explained the technology portal.

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In relation to photography, Meizu Zero offers a Dual 12-megapixel camera another 20 megapixel front camera it is a flash underneath double camera.

In the same way that you can stay under waterfor during two hours and a half.LFor Chinese company still did not reveal the price or the release date of

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