Mazza's husband ordered her to lose weight and she defends him


"I found it very funny," said the model in defense of Alejandro Gravier's postpartum orders, although he clarified that "he is not a tyrant."

Mazza's husband ordered her to lose weight and she defends him

Valeria Mazza: from low profile to be in the eye of the storm / Web

Valeria Mazza has made a very, very distant career of the scandals: top model, never entered the vernacular mess and always chose the low profile and the distance to preserve the elegance. So far: in the last few weeks he has been adding a lot of controversy over his statements, which tried to relativize on Saturday in "We Can Talk".

First, Valeria spoke of feminism and said that she finds it fantastic that women fight for their rights after so many years of inequality, but that "what I do not like is when women lose their femininity in this struggle." We do not have to occupy the same place as men because we are not equal. We came to the world for different things. "

Moreover, when she was killed on Twitter days later, invited to the program by Mirtha Legrand, Mazza told about the demands made by her husband, Alejandro Gravier, after each of his four pregnancies and more controversy. "Is it true that I showed you a photo from before and I said" you have to be thin again like this photo? " The diva asked her. She replied in the affirmative and, laughing, said, "Yes. Damn, dammit!

The response of the Toriesphere was overwhelming, which is why this weekend the former model came down to decibel the situation in "PH, We Can Speak" and defended Gravier after the critics who received for his proverbs: "I laugh "because it looked pretty good. I think funny. But after 'Gravier tyrant', it's nothing like that. "

"I enjoyed my pregnancy terribly.I gained 20 pounds per pregnancy.I never worked pregnant because I liked them.Then I would work to get well and get back to work.That's why my children have already spent three years: I took a while to recover and return to work.I liked them very much and he did not demand anything from me, "he explained.

When asked by the driver, Andy Kusnetzoff, if she had postpartum depression, the model replied, "Yes, but ill. Five days after giving birth, I was at home with people and I started to cry and said: It's the hormones, it's okay. "And people were looking at me. Alejandro said," It's over, nothing happens. "


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