Mauro Caiazza talked about his relationship with Baron's son Momo: "We got along"


Jimena Barón He is super happy next door. Mauro Caiazza, who began to be his partner Dancing 2018 and today is her boyfriend.

So well is the couple, that the actress shares a lot of time with Mauro and Morrison, his son of 4 years, fruit of its relation with Daniel Osvaldo, as you can see in the photos and videos shared by Jimena on their social networks with both.

"He also loves to skate, dance and do freestyle here in the house, we have things in common"

Karina Iavicili asked Mauro about her connection with "Momo" and the dancer did not hesitate: "We are super. I do not know if I hit the wave with all the guys, but with him we like things like that."

And he explained, "He also loves skateboarding, dancing and freestyle here in the house. We have things in common." A "stepfather", as Jimena calls on the networks with humor, with much emotion!


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