Mauricio Pochettino: ready to conquer his first title in England – 08/01/2019


Mauricio Pochettino is another. From the paper, to the appearance. But the most important thing he learned back then. He was a boy in the strict sense of the term. He was 18, a body that denied his adolescence and a face that told of all the enthusiasms that followed in the early days of the nineties. He played in the first of a successful Newell, which is still remembered on every walk through Independence Park.

Marcelo Bielsa was not yet the universal coach that he later became. He recently started his most visible tour at the club that closest to time put his name on the stadium. Bielsa was not yet the Colossus. But he already had this virtue so recognizable in him: his ability to captivate from word and example. Also of confidence. Just arrived at the First of Newell's, Fool bet on an almost inexperienced, almost adolescent central duo: Fernando Gamboa was 20 years old and his partner was none other than that 18-year-old Pochettino. This gave them room. He banked them. Both surrendered. They were champions.

Corresponds to saying: this way, to give confidence are born the strengths of this Tottenham Hotspur that leads Pochettino. It does not seem like a coincidence: with 1-0 against Chelsea at Wembley, Murphy's team was close to reaching the League Cup final and Go after the footsteps of Spurs' first title in the last decade.

The only goal of the match was scored by Harry Kane, the top scorer of the team, Pochettino's favorite soldier. Scored as a criminal, at 27 minutes the first time.

It is a detail: Kane was 20 years old in 2014, when the Argentine coach took over the leadership of Tottenham after his relevant Premier League appearance with Southampton. Eleven games and three goals were Kane's record at the club. Little or nothing for a team that wanted to enter the top 4 of the Premier League.

Pochettino, a valuable student of Bielsa, did what they had done with him: trust. He saw him play. He believed in his conditions. He ventured. He gave her confidence. He put it in the headline. Kane was the top scorer of 2017 (calendar year) and the gold boot of the last World Cup. After both conquests, he included Pochettino among the first acknowledgments.

In short, on January 24 at Stamford Bridge, the rematch will be played. The winner of the series will face the winner of Manchester City against the surprising Burton Albion, of the third category. In London, soccer city like Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro or Mexico, there are many who already believe that it is time to see the champion of Pochettino.


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