Mauricio Macri moves his chips in Neuquén with a new wave for the candidacy of "Pechi" Quiroga


"I felt the President's explicit support and the desire for Cambiemos to win the Province"

With this force, Hector "Pechi" Quiroga he referred to Infobae for meeting that he held this morning with Mauricio Macri in the exclusive Cumelén country of Villa La Angostura, where the president rests since December 22 with his family.

Quiroga is the radical mayor of the Neuquén capital and gubernatorial candidate of Cambiemos who met Macri 48 hours after the president received in the same room the house that rents in the tourist village to the governor Omar Gutiérrezwho on Wednesday began his leave for the campaign in which he will seek re-election.

In this way, the head of state entered the provincial election, which will inaugurate the country's electoral calendar.

"He explicitly told me that alternation was necessary," Quiroga told the media. "I did not perceive him relaxed for the president, but he was calm and attentive," he added.

On Monday of this week, Macri had made a stop on his vacation, which will last until next week, to receive Gutiérrez, who has a direct link with the president and who, in addition, has an excellent arrival in some offices of the Casa Rosada, especially in the Ministry of Interior.

Quiroga and Macri also talked about the subsidies for Vaca Muerta. But the mayor, who arrived on Tuesday night in Villa La Angostura, went further: he took advantage of the meeting, which lasted just over an hour – he was accompanied by Marcelo Bermúdez, Secretary of Government and Coordination of the municipality of Neuquén – to raise "the excessive expense that the Province has".

The leader also said that "all those who feel part of Macri's re-election commitment have to unify the elections," a statement that comes at a time when the Casa Rosada examines, for example, the desirability of deploying the calendar. Province of Buenos Aires, an idea that, however, does not convince much of the top of the PRO.

"I made the decision that the elections to elect mayor of Neuquén were made on the same day as those of the president." I told him (Macri) that if he considered Gutierrez so close, why did not he do it on the same date? Quiroga

The dispute between Gutiérrez and the radical leader is fierce. Even within the Cambiemos, there were internal strongholds in recent days due to lists of the official candidate of the governing coalition. War between the PRO and the UCR that hit the noses of Macri himself.

Neuquén kicks off the country's electoral calendar on March 10 in a neighborhood where the image of the head of state does not pick up, unlike Cristina Kirchner, who maintains high popularity ratings.

Macri's political activity in the south of the country will continue on Friday, when he receives the governors Alfredo Cornejo and Gerardo Morales, and the mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. Among other topics, they will talk especially about the dates of the elections in Mendoza, Jujuy and the city of Buenos Aires. There will be María Eugenia Vidal, who still does not know what to do with the programming of her province.


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