Mauricio Macri lobbied Congress and anti-bank bill would leave before Christmas – 12/11/2018


Martín Bravo

Mauricio Macri has decided to extend the special sessions to insist that the project to combat violence in football becomes law before the end of the year.

While the period will be extended from 21 to 28 Decemberand Parliament was accommodated to the situation and an agreement was approved to be able to approve it before Christmas. MEPs had already planned to give a half-sentence next Tuesday, based on the opinion they could not discuss last week. And the heads of the Senate block mark this Tuesday, Wednesday, the 19th as the date of the session – it will be in express treatment, with the aim of giving the final sanction – to avoid having to hold a debate during the New Year holidays.

The announcement of the extension of the extraordinary was done by the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, promoter of the project that hardens penalties for the barrabravas and other sportsmen involved in football-related crimes. He did this at the Casa Rosada, after the cabinet meeting, where the decision was made in the presence of the senators of Cambio Federico Pinedo and Luis Naidenoff.

Surprisingly, the Senate also stated that in 19 election campaign financing (including business and banking contributions) along with other controversial issues. It was found that the new agenda was negotiated directly by the government with the head of the PJ Senate bloc, Miguel Pichetto, key figure to add the votes to guarantee the majority.

"We are making a very strong change. Let us of everything that happened around a stadium were contraventions to be part of the Penal Code," said the minister in the project against the bars, alluding to what he presented in 2016 in the Senate, where he never went treated and lost parliamentary state and that took momentum after the scandal of superfinal violence River mouth that was going to be played at Monumental.

The text came close to being wrecked for lack of agreement between the ruling party and opposition sectors, including differences within Cambiemos. There was some coincidence in the reduction of penalties to advance according to the project of reform of the Criminal Code. Some "Lack of proportionality" in sorrows.

The latest version of seem which was approved in deputies, negotiated by Cambiemos with renewed front, is lighter and maintains releasable crimes (against the spirit of the original project). There are also sectors that warn that due to the complicity between the political and judicial sectors and the violent ones that live of the soccer, the changes could be cosmetic without a strong political decision.

In the Senate, Pinedo spoke with Pichetto and the heads of the other banks, to prepare the sessions this afternoon (see separately) and the next Wednesday. The anti-gang project comes in a hurry. Pinedo told Clarin that has already requested a copy of the Members' opinion to work and give you an opinion on the 19th morning before the session.

A senator of Peronism has assured that the key point will be the "surgical precision" in the figure that is created from "group action", to make a "differentiation" and that all the crimes of the bars do not end up reaching and putting behind bars the presidents of the clubs.

Bullrich left the door open for change, something the government previously denied. "The scales are being analyzed, We always have to be open to projects to be debated and incorporated into different visions, "he said.

The Federal PJ rejects the assignments that the project assigns to the Security portfolio for the "Admission rights". And the head of the K, Agustín Rossi, considered that the law is "Fulbito for the tribune".

The political financing scheme was another issue that generated differences – the Elisa Carrió threatened to vote against – and was put on hold. The Senate issued its opinion in November for a bill similar to what the executive has sent to the House of Representatives and will try to grant a half-sanction to become law in February or March.


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