Matilda Blanco, the most hated of TV: Why yes


The phrase of Beto Casella pointed directly to the fashion critic. "Probably You are the person who most harms on television", he said in a cell phone, agreeing with him, I outline the reasons they turn you into the most hated being on the small screen.

Because Matilda adjective in a petulant and disqualifying way for each woman according to the way she dresses, ignoring the feminine susceptibility that should fit in her also when criticized.

She was a fashion producer – we do not know how long, until Araceli Gonz├ílez in a scandalous episode he got rid of her – he thinks it can determine much more than a look, like when he said "Laurita Fern├índez looks like a canary"

Because Matilda commits the worst temptation of television villains: goes for more when the previous evil that said remains small compared to the next one that will say. Just as actors amplify jokes and jokes when they are celebrated on stage, this ends up producing a friction effect that leads to being worse than yesterday but much less than tomorrow.

Because among this group of villains – a structure that shares with Yanina Latorre, who exactly defended in the cellular with Casella – that integrates, surely is what causes more damage because it is involved with what the media most shows: the external. The physical, the shell, the cardboard painted, which is for the exterior. Perhaps the biggest flaw of a celebrity who does everything to find an effect, the same effect that spoils her criticism.

Because as everything is a matter of form, your manners are the worst. Clearly she "plays the harpy" and is likely to in your personal life be a bread of God. She says much more than she says in the malicious cadence of her manner of speaking, of emphasizing or enunciating her ideas. Nothing has to do here with your gender. She is not criticized for being a woman. On the contrary, it is the least "sororo" that exists, since power and multiply the struggle between women from a place much more sexist than you can criticize a man.

Because she's not silly and he knows that the rebound he receives for his evildoing only gives him more work, better contracts and greater popularity. The bad thing with the villains of their kind is that they stay forever in the sticky patina of their own character, which devours them to the point of not knowing if they are worse than good or vice versa. So she's only hired for that, which in the beginning is a bargain and then ends up being his greatest condemnation.

But, as in other cases of famous former women who later devoted themselves to healing self-help by washing their characters to become the water of noodles, one day they tire of being bad and good, which anyway I would condemn this to oblivion.


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