Martín Fierro de Radio: the touching tribute to Pinky and Cacho Fontana for his career


(Video: "Martin Fierro Radio Awards", Net TV)

For many years they were two emblems of Argentine radio. And although today it is your turn to be away from the media and live in the same geriatrician, Cacho Fontana and Little pink they continue to arouse the almost reverent respect of all their colleagues.

For this reason, it was not surprising that on Martín Fierro de Radio both were distinguished by APTRA in the Liberator Room of the Sheraton Hotel, where the ceremony took place.

"We are living in the Inter Plaza – a rehabilitation clinic in Palermo – a race for imagination, an overflow of affection, good treatment, generosity and a great hope: to be the best possible for those who have loved us for so long and we are feeling very lack them now, "Cacho began.

"You They do not know how difficult it is to escape from this environment, which was so generous, that gave us so much This audience that maybe I'm saying goodbye to them now … I am grateful to APTRA for this possibility, "continued Fontana.

"And just in case, I do not know what the fate will be, or I can not imagine it, it will be the last chance to make a camera and see you, I imagine all the generations of the whole country." To end by thanking would be very difficult, and to thank is to add something so common, but it is the truth, thanks to everyone, from my mother to the last person who can give us affection and affection, which is the public. or other cause is called for the APTRA meeting and its awards, "he concluded.

So, Hector Larrea, who had the honor of introducing them, asked Pinky if she wanted to say anything or if she would feel comfortable doing it. "How can I not feel comfortable if radio and television are the only places in the world where I've never been afraid? he replied. I listened to Cacho and he gave me a surprise. We spent 30 years without seeing each other and one day he called me on the phone, I was in bed a long time ago and he says: "There is a friend of mine called Salvador who wants to talk to you". He was the owner of the clinic that lives up to his name. That is why this tribute that sensitizes me so much is dedicated to him, because if it were not for him I would not be here to receive him, "he added, further increasing the excitement among all present.

"We are in front of you in the best possible way, this is a model 32, if you see this in the window is not so bad, but if we open the hood we will realize that there is much to correct and much to give another life," he added. Bunch, between the laughter.

"But I thought she was the one who opened the door and went into 83-year coup," his colleague added humorously. "We have a past then what we must do now is to continue trying to create, or at the same time, give way to another past, another career, another way. Because there is desire, there is desire, and it is not a question of asking, it is a matter of feeling, there is no other possibility but to thank, "he concluded.

"Thank you, one by one and each, and a kiss and a half to each one, please distribute," said Pinky.

However, they were not the only ones who stood out for their trajectory, Riverito, recognized for its 70 years in the middle.

"It's the sixth Martín Fierro I receive and as many as I want from my family. Translation and Localization, who is my son, who teaches me every day to be a better father; The three grandsons and my wife Elda Morenois also an announcer. I mean, I was five and six. For sure I must be the oldest at this moment in activity, I turned 70 on the radio and I hope to continue, which is important for anyone who began his career at age 15 in the old, unforgettable and no longer existing Radio Callao, "he said.

And then he said goodbye in a very particular way: "Thank you all, good night and recognition for all the support, and in the farewell, of course, that will accompany me beyond my life, I say" ooooocho! ", He thanks


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