Marley shared on Instagram a video of Mirko playing and his followers were outraged


Wednesday, June 19, 2019 11:37

Since he was born Mirko is exposed Some are in favor of his father Marleyshare your child's growth on social networks and on television. Others criticize the child's extreme exposure. However, far from being bothered by negative reviews, the driver from Around the World continues to travel with his son and share with millions of people the adventures that coexist.

Now from Valencia, the pilot posted a video of his son who suddenly received a barrage of negative reviews. In the clip you can see Mirko pretending to talk on the phone, surrounded by threads, touching the inserts with her fingers and, meanwhile, with the pacifier in her mouth.

"My operator!", expressed, amused, the child's father. While many of his fans were touched, most referred to two issues that undoubtedly bothered more than one.

First, have multiple users emphasized misuse? of the pacifier. They believe that the child, who is already one year old, should not use it. At least not constantly. "You have to take the pacifier", expressed one user. "Pacifier Delay Speaks", a woman said. "It's beautiful, but enough of a pacifier … Please", expressed a third.

While the use of the pacifier was the critic that gained more prominence among his comments, many others were outraged to note that the child was touching the wires and plugs… and they asked Marley not to leave her!

Do you what do you think?

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