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Marina Calabro's anger with Laurita: "I have blood in my eyes because he put Coke in a fight with Iliana"

The speaker of El Diario de Mariana told of where her discomfort comes from the jury of Bailando 2018.

The anger of Marina Calabró with Laurita Fernández

There are already several celebrities who starred in a cross with Laurita Fernández. However, this time, who surprised to acknowledge that he resented the jury of Dancing 2018 was Mariana Calabró.

It all started when The Diary of Mariana They debated these conflicts. At that moment, Pampito explained his analysis: "It seems to me that the fight with Mica Viciconte is the first genuine fight that Laurita has. We saw that all year they slaughtered"

It was at that moment that the speaker intervened to emphasize his partner's attitude: "What strikes me is the almost sacrosanct place in which you put Laurita, you always place the burden of proof on the participants. Do you think it is respectful to draw or eat a banana while a participant is performing the former? You are not objective and do not measure everyone with the same criteria. "

Marina Calabró: "I have blood in my eyes because Laurita Fernández once put Coca (her mother) in a fight with Iliana (her sister) and I'm a bit resentful."

"You're hated with Laurita, I do not know what's wrong with you," said the chronicler. To which Mariana added: "I am not hated with Laurita … Well … there was an episode. I got blood in my eye because he put Coke once (your mother) in a fight with Iliana (your sister) and I'm a little resentful"

"It was relatively recently." Iliana counted on Los Angeles Morning that Laurita had been cool with her when they agreed The stand of Guido and that he did not greet her. Iliana was surprised because she held the candle for two seasons when she was in a tug and released with Federico Hoppewhat the horn Fede Bal. Iliana scored with elegance. And Laurita's conclusion told him "so do not ask me for more tickets to the mother who comes with friends"", closed, without filter.

The least thoughtful fight!

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