Mariano Martínez generated controversy with a video of his daughter dancing Firewood for coal


This Tuesday, many users who follow Mariano Martínez in social networks, the actor was defenestrated after he shared a video of his daughter that triggered a series of negative comments and sparked controversy.

In the material posted by the actor, you can see the girl Olivia Dancing a choreography of the Colombian cumbia song repeated Leña para el carbón, one of the hits of summer.

"You dance in a miniskirt, what a laugh you give me, because you see the thong, and you can not expect me to give you charcoal (…) Your maneuver leaves you on the stick, and I give you my ax (…) And it's a girl who likes boom boom, who likes boom boom (…) All eyes take when she boom boom bobs ", express the theme.

"A 9-year-old girl is prompted to dance provocatively for a song that says," Does your maneuver leave me on the stick? "WTF & # 39;commented a supporter in the post of ex-Martinez.

"A genius, dance better than the teacher but dance good music, make more of your beauty and talent! There are much better songs than these dirty ones …", was another of the messages against.

"I love how he dances, but it's too small to dance to that kind of music", "Beautiful dancing has a great future, sorry that the song does not match, I know what's sounding strong, but it gives something that dances," and "It gives me an impression … I could not finish seeing, dancing well, but it's too small to dance so hot," expressed other users.

So far, Mariano was not defending himself against the attacks, although he only thanked those who had good vibrations with his publication: "Thank you for such pleasant messages, happy Oli," expressed in an Instagram story.

And you what … what do you think?


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