Monday , October 25 2021

Mariana Fabbiani fired a DDM member crying in the air


Mariana Fabbiani could not contain the crying by announcing that it would be the last program in which she would be a beloved and legendary member of the cycle.

Six years ago, I began to appear on TV, the diary of Mariana, led by Mariana Fabbiani. Since then, they have made changes in the panelists, but today the driver had to dismiss one of his colleagues, who decided to resign to face new projects.

Noe Antonelli was fired by the program members with tears in their eyes. The young woman has been part of the cycle since its inception. "I'll make a parenthesis to dispense with Noe." "You're leaving us." "You'll take on new challenges." "I'll miss you," the driver began.

DDM gave me everything I did not want to cry, but it's obvious that it's going to happen.Thanks for your generosity.I leave a program that I loved do it, but it's life, "Antonelli said, crying.

So, Mariana Fabbiani told her some very sincere words: "We are very proud of everything you grew up in. There are flowers, so you go as a diva." We are sad that you leave, but you have to follow the dreams. much in the air and out of the air and we want to thank for everything, and we are very proud. "

Of course the driver of the time also referred to the departure of Diego Leuco, but this will be after the summer.


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