Mariana Brey broke live and had to leave the studio – 01/11/2019


In the program The angels of the morning (El Trece at 10.30), they were dealing with the unexpected testimony of Carla Lescano, sister on behalf of Thelma Fardin's mother (26), who decided to speak publicly about the actress. In the debate over her hard words, panelist and entertainment journalist Mariana Brey wanted to tell an episode that occurred when she was "seven years old," burst into tears and had to leave the apartment.

"I'm going to tell you something that happened to me, but I do not want to make it a drama because, fortunately, it was not for me," Brey began with her story in the midst of the discussion about Fardin's sister's statements. does not believe the story of the actress.

So, Brey sobbed, "By the age of seven, I remember him because Luca (his son) is that age, he went to a neighbor's house a lot." And after mentioning "Doña Polola," which was "like a grandmother (for her)," the panelist from the cycle led by Ángel de Brito, who is six months pregnant, began to cry and could not talk about it. "Oh, no, I did not want to tell you," he snapped. Then the driver and the journalist had to stop him. "Do not tell, do not tell, we'll leave you here," De Brito said.

Mariana Brey (Photos from MovilPress)

Mariana Brey (Photos from MovilPress)

Although Brey did not know what had happened to him at the age of seven, and left the mystery about what could have happened to him, on the floor of the LAM they continued to debate about the harsh words of Lescano, who said he did not believe the story. of his sister, and said that he has "psychiatric and psychological problems," that "he wanted to kill himself" and that if sexual abuse had occurred "I would have told him before seeking fame."

To conclude, in dialogue with Mario Thibault on the 99.9 center radio, he said: "I do not know if there was any real situation between Thelma and Juan Darthés, but he left me without arguments when he left to say that they were in the same room. I'm sure Darthés did not rape her.

This woman, who lives in the south, would be the "key witness" that Fernando Burlando would present as part of the defense of the accused actor in Nicaragua. Sabrina Cartabia, Fardin's lawyer, said Clarin that this is a "very weak" proof because "the half-sister talks about something she believes in. She says:" I do not believe her. "And justice is not based on beliefs, this is defined by evidence. "


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